April Events

Hi, everyone!  How fast does time fly...it's already May?! Last month I had a couple fun events that I wanted to share with you.

The first thing I enjoyed doing was dying Easter eggs.  It's a big custom to decorate eggs for Easter.  As every year, I dyed eggs using food colouring.  But this year I decided to use Masking Tape/Washi Tape.  You can see the cool designs it left on my eggs when I took it off.  On some eggs, I cut the tape into circles and left it on.  The eggs taste even better when they are cute!  Maybe you can try this sometime.  :)
毎年私はかならずイースター(復活際)の卵に色を塗って祝います。北アメリカではよく子供に人気があります。私は大人になったのに、まだ楽しいです。今年ははじめてマスキングテープを使って見ました。色を塗ってテープをはがしたら、きれいな卵ができました。テープを切って色んなデザインを作って見て、小さい丸もそのまま飾りました。 かわいくて美味しかったです。作って見ませんか?

April was also o-hanami (お花見) or cherry blossom viewing time.  So I wanted to go on a picnic and make a super cute Japanese-style picnic box.  I found this heart bento box at Passport in Terrace Mall.  It was so cute I had to buy it!
4月もお花見ピクニックに行きたかった。初めてピクニック用の弁当を作りました。(^_^)v テラスモールのPassport店Sでかわいいハート弁当箱を見つかて買いました。またマスキングテープを使って、楊枝を付けて切ってお弁当のピックも入りました。

The cherry blossoms weren't fully in bloom.  But it was a beautiful warm day and it was so nice being under the beautiful flowers enjoying my homemade picnic lunch.  I love cherry blossom time!  Looking forward to next year...

I wanted to make my own flowers that reminded me of sakura or cherry blossoms.  So I die-cut a ton of flowers and pieced them all together and made them pretty.  Then I took my leftover chocolate box from White Day and placed them all in the spaces neatly (I actually put a glue-dot behind them all so they wouldn't move).  I'm sending them to a friend as a gift.  Don't you think it's better than chocolate?
お花見の影響で自分で花を作りたかった。フェルトをダイカットして、たくさんかわいい花が出来ました。White Dayのもらったチョコ箱できれいに入りって飾りました。チョコよりいいプレゼントになりました。

And now it's May and it's so warm now.  Let's hope for many sunny days.  :)


YouTube Video for my flower-chocolate box:

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